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What Should You Wear to Your First Ballroom Dance Lesson?

Are you feeling a little nervous about your first dance lesson? It’s incredibly common to worry about what to wear. However, you’re in luck; this article is all about what to wear to your first ballroom dance lesson!

Are you ready for your first ballroom dance lesson? Do you know what to wear to your first ballroom dance lesson?

If you are like most people, you’re all excited when you sign up for your first dance lesson. However, as it approaches, nerves tend to set in. Well, don’t let what to wear make you feel nervous.

When you think of ballroom dance, does your mind go straight to fancy gowns and strapping suits? While there is a time and place for this attire, your first dance lesson (and following lessons) is not it. A good rule of thumb is dance attire should be casual and comfortable.

It’s not uncommon for first-time students to cancel their lessons because they have no idea what to wear, including shoes. DON’T let this be you!

Join us on the dance floor as we give some tips on what to wear to your first ballroom dance lesson.

We are here to help you learn to dance and support you and have fun in the learning process.

what to wear to your first ballroom dance lesson

Women’s Attire

Hey ladies, this is your time just to be YOU. What is appropriate attire in the ballroom studio?


  • Choose clothing that allows for movement. We recommend NOT wearing a pencil skirt (or other restrictive clothing.)
  • If you are coming straight from work, business casual attire is great.
  • Yoga Pants and a T-shirt are great too!

    Keep in mind that you will be moving all around, so you want clothing that allows for lots of movement. Dresses or skirts that are too short can also be a distraction if you are likely to worry about them rising too high as you dance.


    As for shoes, WALTZ into the studio with comfortable shoes to dance in. Also, make sure your shoes are secure on your feet. Loose shoes might throw off your balance or even cause you to sprain an ankle, and we don’t want that now, do we?

    We recommend leaving the sneakers at home, as they tend to grip the dance floor, making it more difficult for spins and turns. Shoes with a leather or suede sole are best if you have them.

    For a beginner, you don’t have to invest in a ballroom dance shoe just yet… and if it is something you want to buy, just ask one of the instructors in the studio; they have some great recommendations for shoes.


    Accessories. Keep it simple. Chucky jewelry or long necklaces can get caught while doing turns on the dance floor. It is best to leave them at home or remove them when you come in for your lesson.

    Men’s Attire

    Hello gentlemen, you’ve got it pretty easy on what to wear to your first lesson.


    • Business casual is the preferred attire. Shirt and dress pants.
    • It’s Florida… you can come in wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
    • Jeans and t-shirt are acceptable too!

      The same guidelines apply to you. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement.


      As for shoes, ideally, dress shoes are best. However, we’ve had guys wear dress shoes, sneakers, sandals, and cowboy boots. There are fewer turns for the guys while dancing. So, wear what you are comfortable dancing in as a beginner. Please, no flip-flops!

      At the end of the day, it is all about being comfortable in what you wear. Our instructors are here to help you learn to dance. If you have questions about what to wear as you progress in future lessons, all you have to do is ask.

      Arthur Murray Orlando – What Should You Wear to Your First Ballroom Dance Lesson?

      We want you to have fun while you dance. We will teach you to dance in whatever you wear.

      If you haven’t already… grab your New Student Offer and join us on the dance floor! We look forward to dancing with you soon!