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The first question that we always get is, “What is Tournament of Champions?!”

Is a perfect blend of competition and celebration around the world. Did you know that there are 260 Arthur Murray Studios in 22 countries?

There is a rich history that spans over 100 years… If you are interested you can check out this fun timeline of events.

Tournament of Champions or ‘TOC’as you might hear it called is a worldwide competition between all the staff and studios throughout the Arthur Murray organizations. The purpose is to see who has the most active studio and the happiest student body!

It’s bragging rights at the highest level!

Plus it is the one time each year that your dance teachers can be recognized by the worldwide organization. They put in a lot of work and tons of energy to help create your amazing dance experience!

Tournament of Champions runs for six weeks and each studio has a unique way to engage their students!

What’s In It For Me?

As a student at the studio, you will reap a lot of benefits from playing full out in this event.

This is also a competition between students for a Grand Prize to be awarded to the student with the most TOC points.

During these six weeks, there are will be crazy parties, themed dress-up days, showcases, food, costumes and of course lots of dancing!

Everything that you do during these six weeks earns you points that can be used at our TOC Finale Party in January.

Those that have the most TOC points will get some cool prizes and there will be a Top Grand Prize Winner!

How To Get Points…

Points can be used during the Tournament of Champions Finale Party. Check with your studio for this date.

There are a variety of ways to earn points… and double check with your studio and get your hands on your Studio’s handout or flyer!

  • Private lessons – if you do a lesson each week for all six weeks you might earn bonus points!
  • Exchange Lessons/Coaching – Grab a lesson with a different dance teacher or take advantage of Coaching offers.
  • Enrollment – grab a student dance package!
  • Group Lessons/Parties – Attend as many as you can and get to know the other students in the studio.
  • Dressing up on Theme Days – There is a theme each week. Have fun!
  • Bring Food – The dance teachers really like this one! lol. Bring something to the party or even to your lesson. An easy way to earn points!
  • Bring Guests – Have the take an introductory lesson… it’s free for them and you get points! Win-Win!
  • Showcase – Show off your dance movies. For our students that want to perform, now is your chance!
  • Google/Yelp Review – Share your love of your studio by giving them a review! Give kudos to your dance teacher!

… this is just a few ways to earn points and there are weekly specials that take place during this Tournament of Champions. Get with your studio for more information.

If you are not a student yet… Grab your New Student Offer and come join us on the dance floor!