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You can schedule any time Monday thru Friday from 12:45 pm to 8:45 pm.

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    My fiancé and I worked with Paola for our wedding dance and she was amazing! She was fun, and she did a great job on putting our dance together. I... read more

    Tiffany D. Avatar
    Tiffany D.

    My fiancé and I came to the Arthur Murray school to learn a mash-up dance for our wedding, as well as individual dances for one another and our first dance.... read more

    Aaron C. Avatar
    Aaron C.

    I have enjoyed the Saturday workshops with Enrique and Judy. Getting to break down each style, how they work, practice the moves and at the end putting it all... read more

    Katrina M. Avatar
    Katrina M.

    My fiancé and I have had a wonderful time at Arthur Murray! A professional atmosphere with friendly faces (even offering complimentary drinks!), it was such a breath of fresh air.... read more

    Lincoln H. Avatar
    Lincoln H.

    My wife and I decided to take dance lessons in particularly to have an individualized, customized choreographed dance routine designed for our wedding, specifically for our first dance. I am... read more

    Gregg M. Avatar
    Gregg M.

    HEY BLAKE! I'm the weird guy with Tattoos!!
    Blake is the most accommodating scheduling advisor I've ever interacted with. She is an absolute gem of a person and I told her...
    read more

    Randal H. Avatar
    Randal H.

    I wanted to share how pleased I am with the Arthur Murray Dance Studio’s First Step Training Program. Although it’s only been a week since my first introductory lesson last... read more

    Philip R. Avatar
    Philip R.

    This has been the best experience ever! Everyone....and I mean everyone is so friendly and warm. Its truly refreshing feeling welcomed, especially in a totally unfamiliar environment. Our tutors... read more

    antoinetteandrews .. Avatar
    antoinetteandrews ..

    I started dancing at Arthur Murray Orlando when I moved to Orlando almost 2 years ago and can't say enough great things about the studio. All of the instructors are... read more

    Heather K. Avatar
    Heather K.

    My husband and I have been students at this Arthur Murray Studio for almost 2 years now. The entire staff is friendly, enthusiastic and caring. When we started we were... read more

    Molly W. Avatar
    Molly W.

    Everyone is friendly and helpful. Other students are very friendly as well. Judy is the best. She is patient, very knowledgeable, and a great teacher.

    Mark H. Avatar
    Mark H.

    We initially received a postcard in the mail, and decided to check out the Lake Mary location before starting lessons. After our first free lesson, we decided to sign up.... read more

    Katey O. Avatar
    Katey O.
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