Learn All About The Quickstep

What is the Quickstep?
If you are looking for a fun way to burn some calories, you’ve come to the right place. The Quickstep is a traditional ballroom dance taught by world-renowned Arthur Murray Dance Centers. However, it also provides an intense workout from Day 1.

Some people might consider the traditional social dance a bit slow for their tastes. Quickstep, like the Jive and Swing, is the opposite! From the moment you step out onto the dance floor you’ll be in dance mode. As the name suggests, Quickstep requires dancers to move fast to rapid music. Quickstep is one dance that will have you moving and staying on your toes!

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Quickstep Has an Interesting History All Its Own

Quickstep is popular at dance competitions because it’s a great couples’ dance that revs up the crowds! But no worries, beginner Quickstep starts much slower to allow dancers to get their footwork in sync.

Funny enough, Quickstep is actually an evolution of two other ballroom dances — the Charleston and the Foxtrot. Dancers in England in the 1920s adapted the methodical Foxtrot and trendy Charleston and created the Quickstep. As time moved along, the Quickstep became a very fast dance and now, part of the fun is seeing how fast competitors can move while staying in sync.

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Looking to have some fun and meet some great people? You’ve come to the right place and you’ve chosen the perfect dance! The Quickstep is energetic and a great way to burn off some stress — and maybe a few pounds!